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Rapid Roll Rewinder

Rapid Roll Rewinder


Compact rewinding machine to rapidly produce customer ordered specific length rolls of sign vinyls, reflectives, flock, application tape and much more.


Simply load a master roll and empty core, choose the length required in millimeters on the touch screen display, press start and the desired length will be rewound in seconds!


No Mess, No Waste, No Special Training Required. Plug & Play!


Perfect for online vinyl suppliers to produce orders of customer required lengths in less than 1 minute per cycle.

SKU: 364215376135191

Special Features available:

> Back splitting facility for easy liner removal

Tech Spec:

> Electrical Supply Single Phase 220-240V Peak 0.7kW

> Size 175cm Height x 85cm Width x 70cm Depth

> Minimum Rewind Length 50cm

> Maximum Rewind Length 50Mt

> Accuracy +/- 1cm

> Minimum Roll Width 50mm

> Maximum Roll Width 610mm (Other widths available on request)

> Mandrel Core Size 76 to 76mm (Other Sizes & Combinations on request)

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