Electronic Servo Driven Presses


Alu foil, paper & foil lined containers are now part of everyday modern life. We  can supply from single to multi-lane high output production lines to maufacture containers with smooth or wrinkle walls. Our machines are ruggedly designed to run 24/7 and have the most sophisticated servo technology to control every single degree of the process using a PLC control system

Model PTP/SW-E or EVO


This type of press is has unique features due to its technologically advanced characteristics.

Starting from a driven unwind unit using a 'brushless' motor material tension is accurately controlled using an ultrasonic sensor. This system eliminate 'shocking' the material prior to going into the mould.


The servo press offers a complete 360 degree control of the stroke using a special extra-heavy brushless motor to drive the press head downward movement. This is electronically controlled creating a peak for power of up to 45 tonnes. 


Products Processed


* Alu wrinkle wall containers

* Paper trays

* Smooth and super smooth wall,

* Lacquered trays

* PET laminated & alu-paper trays

* Heavy alu BBQ containers

* Pizza, cake, airline trays etc...........




* No more mechanical adjustments

* High production & quality

* Very limited down-time

* Highest mechnaical power transmission

* No vibrations

* Long lasting mounds and press tooling

* Low power consumption

* Wide working width (1150mm) 


Mould Engineering


Our high calibre engineers use SOLIDWORKS cad/cam 3D software for designing mould. Using very high micrometrical tolerances to ensure longevity coupled with high operating reliability. 


Scrap Recovery


Scrap recovery units are available on request to enable waste to be collected, compacted and prepared for recylcing

Stacking Unit 


On the output side of the servo-press we can fit a fully adjustable stacking & conveyor unit with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lanes and stacking heights. This system is fully programmable and different configurations can be set-up and memorised by the touch screen control unit. 


Conveyors feed the finished & stacked trays out and from here they can be picked by hand and packed or pass straight into a packaging line.