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'Italian Excellence in Manipulating Polyurethane'

FEMA Industry produce cutting equipment for most kinds of polyurethane foam. Horizontal, vertical, CNC, manual, splitting, profiling.


This feeds into industries including; Bedding, Automotive, Medical, Packaging, Houseware, Furniture, Soundproofing, Cleaning, Construction, Insulation, Sofa and Upholstery.


In their own words! 'You name it and we got it! With cutting-edge technology.' Pun intended.

Let's talk more about FEMA machines...


MICHELANGELO is a CNC vertical cutting machine. It features great accuracy, a wide cutting area and vertiginous speed.


It’s available in two models with two different working heights.


As per all Fema CNCs, the system is controlled by the LF-2000 software, and by the newest LF-2 nesting utility.


CAROUSEL is an automatic horizontal slitter with a rotating table.

It can cut sheets of any thickness quickly and automatically. The table features a vacuum system and a special coating for maximum grip even at the highest rotation speed, and each cutting cycle can be fully programmed.

Depending on their dimensions, it can cut up to 9 blocks in a single cycle.