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Core Cutting Machine


Most converters will need to cut cores for use on slitter rewinders, die-cutters, rewinders, spool winders or other similar converting processes. The quickest and easiest way to slit cores accurately is to purchase a manual core cutter. Our machine can be used to cut cores to any given width by simply feeding the machine with a wide width core and slitting it down to the required size. Typical size range of cores includes: 75-76mm (3") 25mm, 38, 50 or 150mm i/dia. 


The model GD TR7 has a millimetric scale to measure the core, a circular blade cuts through the core and efficiently and produces a clean burr and dust free slit core using a circular blade cutting into a hard plastic sleeve.


Both cardboard and plastic cores can be processed on the same machine up to  a thickness of 20mm. A semi-automatic model is also available for higher production output. Contact us with your requirements and we will be pleased to send you a quotation.

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