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ROMTECH UK have supplied sheeting machines to many customers covering a wide range of applications. From cut to print register machines used in the digital print market to very large format sheeters with robotic handling and stacking platforms for sheets up to 2.3mt wide x 4.0mt long straight on pallets ready for shipment to clients. 



The model TTL 8 is a large format sheeter capabable of handling jumbo rolls of; paper, board, polycarbonates and laminates up to a max o/dia of 1200mm x 2500mm wide. Products can be sheeted in lengths up to 4mt long to a very fine tolerance. Lengthwise knives can be added to slit or trim material to the required sizes, with trim removal if req'd.


A unique award winning 'drag & collect' robotic sheet handling system utilises intelligent servo motor control ensuring sheets with excellent dimensional precision. The TTL8 feeds directly onto a pallet producing a very accurately stacked layer of sheets. This is essential for the next process which is normally printing.


The TTL8 can also be used in-line with extruders producing plastic and the machine work in synchronisation as a non stop operation.   




This x-y sheeter is an extremely versatile machine capable of sheeting in 3 different modes. Cut to length and width, cut to print register and in manual trimming mode. Widths available 1650 & 2650mm. The Miura has a touch screen control to program the working cycle of the machine. Typical materials we can process include:

  • Sign vinyls

  • Canvas

  • Printed wallpaper

  • Banner materials

  • PVC, Duratans

  • Bookbinding materials

  • Polycarbonates

  • Magnetic sheeting 



The GD X1 is an ideal machine for laminating, sheeting to length. Using a fibre optic photocell the machine can also be used to sheet to a printed register mark or produce separate die-cut products into sheets (sets).


Razor slitting in-line can be added for trimming or slitting across the width.




  • Automatic unwind photocell & motor-reducer

  • Friction unwind for lamination

  • Additional rewinder for liner recovery

  • Dancer rollers for constant tension

  • Chute for stacking cut pieces

  • Fibre optic photocell for reading print

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