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Precision Die & Kiss Cutting Presses


Romtech UK Ltd are proud to represent GUIDOLIN GIROTTO srl who have become leaders in the world of die/kiss cutting equipment. The range of machines on offer are both innovative in design and highly productive in terms of output. Specialist PS adhesive material converters can produce 'added value' components quickly and easily using Guidolin Girotto presses. Specifications are tailored to each client some typical machines are shown below.

GD RO 175/250 Rotary Die-cutter


The GD RO series machines have become extremely popular with converters and offer high speed output with maximum flexibility.

The machine can produce laminates, die-cuts, liner changes, strip-out of ladder waste, in-line slitting, rewinding, sheeting all in one pass.


A Few typical products produced include:


  > Optical pads  

  > Cork/rubber glazing pads

  > Automotive brand emblems

  > Specialist labels

  > Electronic heat shields

  > Felt pads

  > Hook & loop (velcro) pads

  > Medical pads (blood strips, corn pads)


With over 20 years experience our goal is clear we aim to offer precision high quality machines that give customer years of satisfaction.  After-sales is also a key factor in offering our clients the support they require once our machine's are installed and running.



Model GD RO Laser 


The model RTV laser combines the flexibility of a laser cutting station which is able to accept CAD/CAM programmes direct from clients computers as an input to the machine for production of extremely complex die cut components 'tooling free'. The laser is able to kiss-cut and die-cut in a 'one pass' operation. As an added bonus a conventional in-line rotary head or servo driven head can also  be used to speed up the operation as well as ladder strip-out stations and driven rewinds.


Cutting area from 200x200, 250x250 or 350x350mm. We can also use 'tracking banner' mode to cut shapes much longer than the cutting area. Our Co2 lasers have 100W, 200W or 400W power source and are water cooled

with very little maintenance required except for periodic cleaning of the galvanometric lens.


Using the laser technology we can produce micro perforations down to 0.25mm in a wide range of 'difficult to process' materials  with no tool wear. Laser etching is also possible to easily customise individual components with logo's, QR/barcodes, part No.s etc...



GD RO 250 Model Rotary Die-Cutter

Flat Bed Kiss-Cutters

Our flat-bed presses are designed for total or kiss-cutting operations of technical flexible materials. Cutting areas are: 200x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x400mm & 600x600mm with power from 5 to 35 tonnes. With output of 30-150 strokes per min (see video below)


The machine body is of heavy steel construction to ensure precision results, very low maintenance and longevity. Functions are mangaged by a touch screen with the ability to save job recipes for repeatable quality.

Market sectors include:

  > Gasket manufacturers

  > Abrasive material producers

  > Foam & rubber converters

  > Medical & pharmaceutical 

  > Felts & nonwoven

  > Shoe industry

  > Electronics

  > Filter manufacturers 


Options can be added such as:

  > Lamination units

  > Remove/add liner

  > Scrap rewinding

  > Sheet stacker

  > Cutting in register

  > Multi-rewinding heads

  > Slug/waste extractor


 Model GD 401 running at 150 strokes/min




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