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Laminators are used to create typically adhesive backed materials or apply a protective and finishing top layer to printed media to enhance the appearance of a poster or POS advertising artwork. We can supply laminators for varied applications with both heated or cold roller confgurations. 

Millenium III 160 0r 210cm


Professional hot or cold laminator designed for mounting, lamination, encapsulation, heat transfer of pictures, laying of application tape and double-sided adhesive easily and precisely, even with large quantities of work.
The roll changes and setting of materials to be used takes only a few seconds.




> Easy roll extraction

> Vacuum top for easy the lamination of paper for electrostatic printers or very thin films keeping them perfectly straight.

> Front unwind unit ensures perfect alignment > Backing rewound after lamination by motorised mandrel.
> Independently adjustable temperature on rubber-coated rollers is  up to a max of 180° C

> Lamination possible on both sides of print.

> Forced cooling system ensures heat laminated print remains perfectly flat.
> Roll shafts are all equipped with ‘no-wear’ electromagnetic brakes and clutches with electronic regulation for precise tension.

> Full control panel for functions, adjusting temperatures, advancement speed, motor-driven lifting of the upper roller, pressure between rollers and working size.




Special Road Sign Laminator


Special laminator for use in the road sign industry. This machine has been developed to laminate reflective self-adhesive vinyls to aluminium or foamex backing boards.


The heavy duty construction includes infeed table and outfeed table, side guides to ensure that feed stock is square to laminating rollers. Foot operated controls allow total control over the job in hand.   


Car License Plate Laminator

Special narrow width laminator dedicated to producing car number plates




Foam & Rubber Laminator 


We can supply a range of laminators to process foam and rubber matyerials . Our machines are able to apply adhesive backing to foam and rubber materials. Working widths from 1000mm up to 2100mm with hot or cold nip rollers. Input material can be in either sheet or roll form and once laminated logs can be wound to a preset length or diameter ready for log cutting into strip or remain as finished rolls. 


Typical Materials:


> Foam, rubber, polyurathane, EVA, EPDM,

PE foams, butyl rubber, PVC foams, open & closed cell products, felts and nonwovens. 



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