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We can supply slitter rewinders or loggers to convert all types of substrates from jumbo roll  format to either pre-determined length logs or slit to width rolls at a finished length. 
Typical materials processed are: paper, film, foil, self-adhesive materials, foam tapes, custom laminated products and many other similar materials. We can supply razor, shear or crush slitting options as well as other customisation to suit each individual specifications requirements. 
Slitter Rewinders for Tapes


The Mandotti range of semi-auto & fully automatic slitter rewinders are in daily use all over the World for producing finished rolls of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes. Starting from a jumbo roll of tape with many 1000's of metres in linear length, the machine slits & rewinds the tape. An in-line coreloader aligns pre-cut cores onto the mandrels, then a double turreting rewind system creates a non-stop operation.  Tapes that can be processed incl:


* Duct tape

* Crepe paper masking

* Cellulose and filmic tapes

* D/sided tapes

* Aluminium foil

* Packaging tapes

* Medical tapes (micro-pore or fabric based)

* Self-amalgamating PIB tapes & many more....


Turreting Log Winder


Machine designed to rewind logs of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes from jumbo to finished length logs, ready to be log slit.


* Auto rewinding cycle of the material with manual core loading and logs unloading.

* Working width: max. 1700mm (67”).
* Jumbo roll o.d. : max. 1000mm (39.4”).
* O/dia of rewound roll: max. 160mm. (6.3”).
* Winding mandrels from 38mm. (1½”) to 3” od
* Rewinding speed: up to 225m/min.
* Core i/dia of jumbo roll: 3” or 6”.
* Pneumatic braking system controlled by        proportional valve and pressure contrast roll
* Electronic measuring system with display.
* Fold-stretcher “banana roll”, adjustable.
* Machine Controlled by SIEMENS PLC 
* Optional Sounder reduction enclosure

Shaftless Log Rewinder


The Horizon shaftless rewinder is an ideal machine for rewinding pre-determined length log rolls from master/jumbo rolls.

Materials that can be processed include:


* Self-adhesive vinyls

* Reflectives & metallic foils

* Paper and thin boards

* Banner materials

* Film & polycarbonates

* All other similar substrates


This machine is extremely flexible with the ability to rapidly change materials due to the shaftless design and easy digital programming console.


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