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High Speed Rewinders

Italwork Rolls are synonomous with producing high speed rewind machines for converters of alu foil, cling film & paper used in the food wrap industry. We can supply from a single rewind machine to a fully automated production line  incorporating roll manufacture, individual boxing (top/side loading), cutter blade application, collating & carton filling/closure ready for shipping.    
High Speed AC & AC Top Range
Romtech UK have supplied high speed fully automatic re-reelers to many companies involved in the production of both retail and professional length catering rolls of alu. foil, cling film and parchment/grease-proof paper. The 'AC' top range of machine's can reach outputs of around 40-50 rolls per minute (depending on rewound length)
Advantages include:
  > Glueless roll start embracing unit
  > Full circumference labeling system
  > Foil embossing unit
  > Micro or shadow embossing unit
  > Flighted exit conveyor to keep rolls apart
  > Foil, film & paper can run on 1 machine
  > Brushless motor rewind technology  
  > 4, 5 or 6 head turret rewind heads
  > Retail & catering rolls on same m/c 
Model AP-C For Catering Rolls


The AP-C has been specially dedicated to producing professional long meterage length catering rolls of aluminium foil, cling film & baking paper.


The range includes 1, 3 and 4 rewinding stations machines. The standard working width is 280/450 mm on request maybe supplied in larger width at 500 and 600 mm. 


These machines can be equipped with glue and glue-less starting system, labeling unit full circumference or small rectangular labels versions, perforating-precutting heads & mother-roll lifting system are also available.


Production performances: up to 4 rolls/minute alu foil 150 mt. length and 3 rolls/minute pvc cling foil 300 mt.

Model APS 50 E (Pallet wrap)


Introducing the APS 50E for producing pallet wrap rolls, an a fully automatic cycle. Once the jumbo is loaded and cores are in the hopper this machine is ready to start production.


The model APS 50 is the fastest in the world (able to produce up to four rolls of 300 Mt. length per minute).


We also manufacture slitter-rewinder for stretch and pre-stretched film rolls: we have a semi automatic version (SAT50) and we are the unique manufacturers in the world of a full automatic slitter-rewinder (APS 50RTN) which can simultaneously cut longitudinally up to 5 rolls in order to create the narrow size hand wrap roll through a 4 stations shafted turret unit.

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